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  • April 7 update: One-month passes have been put on hold. If you use your pass to register for virtual single classes, please phone a recreation facility to have your pass reactivated.

    A one-month pass is available if you want to visit frequently within a 30-day period across multiple locations. One month membership purchases are effective from the date of purchase. It is important to select who the one-month pass is for before purchasing (you will be prompted to select a person in the field "Contract User"). To purchase sequential one month passes for yourself, contact a recreation facility.

    NEW! Single, virtual adult wellness class registrations are included in the pass. This does not include in-person classes or multiple-week programs.

  • The 10-visit timed activity package offers a 10% discount and is valid until December 31, 2021. This package is ideal for those who are doing a single activity (e.g. wellness centre) at one facility and require a longer length of time to use a pass. The first package can be purchased online; additional packages for family members can be purchased by calling a recreation facility.

All passes are non-transferrable.

Existing Millennium Cards (recurring banking and annual) that were put on hold will continue to remain on hold with no payments being taken until further notice.

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