Registration is on now for spring programs and summer camps. Summer swimming and adult wellness registration begins on June 18, 2024.

Week 4 (July 22-26)

Adventure Photography (12Y-16Y)

Join us for a thrilling nature adventure and a creative photography journey, brought to you by the partnership of SWC and Gallery@501! Immerse yourself in stunning lakes, lush forests, and starry skies as you capture nature's beauty through the lens of your camera, with guidance from our professional photographer. Our week-long program will focus on developing your photographic skills, unleashing your creativity, and exploring the great outdoors. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that combines the best of nature and photography! We will enter your photos into Dr. Roberta Bondar's Summer Camp Challenge. Please bring your charged digital camera with you each day.

Week 4 - Evergreen Escapdes (8Y-10Y)

A summer camp classic! Spend the week outside playing games, building fires & shelters, going canoeing, and more! Spend the last evening with us singing around the fire, stargazing, and spending the night in the bunkhouse. Thursday Overnight

Week 4 - Forest Adventures (3.5Y-5Y) Half Day

Play, explore, and make memories outdoors at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre.

Week 4 - Sunshine Seekers (5Y-7Y)

For many Sunshine Seekers, this is their first experience away from home. Our youngest campers will spend their week exploring the wilderness centre, searching for treasure, building forts, playing games, and much more! This program provides a positive introduction to day camps for youngsters. Each week is guaranteed a different adventure.

Week 4 - Trail Blazers (7Y-9Y)

Trail Blazers are ready to take on more adventure! Spend 5 days learning to live & play in the outdoors. Create nature crafts, cook over the fire, learn wilderness skills, all while making new friends and challenging yourself! Build memories as you discover the wonders of nature.

Week 4 - Trekkers Excursion (11Y-13Y)

Embark one step further with Trekkers Excursion! This twist on our classic Treemendous Trekkers camp will take us on a day trip to Elk Island National Park! Hike in the park, canoe on the lake, cook over the fire and spend your night sleeping under the stars. With experienced Guides and a focus on building outdoor skills, this week is the perfect way to create lasting memories. Thursday Overnight