Adult/Older Adult Fitness

Strathcona County group fitness has transitioned your favorite classes to an online format.

  • These classes will allow you to participate in the comfort of your home with Strathcona County instructors conducting the session providing instructions, modifications, and encouragement to get the most out of your workout!
  • All virtual classes are streamed live through Microsoft Teams.
  • Use the arrows to choose what week you wish to view. You must scroll through each day (bar below the date) to view available classes.
  • New Single classes for virtual group fitness are included in the one-month pass. In-person group fitness programs are not included in the one-month pass
  • A one-month pass can be purchased by navigating to "Become a member". These can also be purchased over the phone by calling Millennium Place, Ardrossan Recreation Complex or Glen Allan Recreation Complex.

For more information please visit

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